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Negin Shakibi, Founder/CEO

Our Story

“Our overarching premise is: happy employees = happy companies = happy customers”

Founder Negin Shakibi, who already owned a business in the finance and accounting field, had a life-changing experience while participating in a conference at the International Monetary Fund (IMF). As Negin describes it: “It was a day full of panel discussions about a topic that had absolutely nothing to do with my line of work. I sat there the entire day and listened to high-powered international government officials, industry experts, and university professors discuss this topic that I found fascinating as I learned more about it.  At one point, it occurred to me that most corporate employees who may be interested in something outside their fields, would not have the opportunity to participate in such an event during work hours.” It was at that moment that Negin thought to start a business that brought interesting, current, and global topics to employees of large businesses right to their offices.

She recognized that companies too often employ basic recruitment, onboarding and retention efforts without enough attention to workforce engagement. Recruiters and management, in her opinion, neglected to consider the emotional health and intellectual commitment of their workforce. While some companies offer life coaches or leadership training to their management staff, the average employee may not be afforded avenues for engagement and empowerment.  Negin created Today’s Perspectives to fill that gap. Now it is the link between organizations and high-performance employees.

Today’s Perspective is headquartered in Washington, DC.

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